Supplier Of Poggi Silos Australia

World leaders in storage solutions

SILO SYSTEMS are the official representatives of Poggi Group, Italy, within Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

We supply a range of silos from 35-4,500 m³ and up to 50 metres in diameter, for: cement, limestone, fly ash, aggregates, etc. Our products include:

Vertical Silos

– The Circular Panel Silo: For storing cement, limestone, fly ash, and granular-like materials. Capacity up to 4,500 m3.

– The Circular Monolithic Silo: For storing liquids, minerals, cement, limestone, and fly ash. Capacity up to 85 m3.

– The Square Modular Silo: For storing free-flowing granular products, e.g. grains, pellets, and prills. Provides 25% more capacity due to its square shape. Capacity up to 450 m3.

– The Telescopic Silo: For storing cement, limestone, fly ash, and granular-like materials. Reduced transport dimensions. Capacity up to 65 m3.

Horizontal Silos

For storing cement, fly ash, and limestone. Requires no permanent structures. Capacity up to 76 m3.

*All Poggi Silos are designed to meet seismic requirements, and snow and wind loadings. We provide 3D layouts incorporating your silo and equipment requirements.

Aggregate Bins

Ideal for storage, extraction, and dosing of materials at a medium-low flowability, with suitable capacity for various material sizes.

We are experienced at serving the Australian market. To make business simpler for clients, we offer prices that include all delivery costs to their premises. We are GST registered in Australia – our invoices are in Australian dollars with GST at 10% added.

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